NF Octane Booster Racing Formula - 6 RON 300ml

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NF Octane Booster Racing Formula is the top of the range Octane Booster and the best you can buy. The superior fuel treatment is used for a super high performance.

  • For high compression and performance engines
  • Increases Power and Performance
  • Increases of up to 6 RON
  • One Bottle treats up to 6 tanks
  • Valve seat recession protection
  • Nitrous Formula has been tried and tested and is without doubt the best Octane Boost on the market
  • Supplement for leaded fuels
  • As used by CAM Auto Developments and the majority of their customers

Wanting more Power and Performance? Wanting better fuel economy? Or just a smoother running engine?

Not only can it be used for a super high performance octane booster but doubles as a very economical everyday use formula for valve seat protection.

Nitrous Formula Race has such a wide market, it is having exceptional results with as little as 0.25 mls per litre, with Extrodinary results and performance increases on very high compression engines which are using upto 15 mls per litre. You choose what performance you want and what suits your engine best. For valve seat protection this bottle treats upto 300 litres of fuel. This super high performance octane booster will increase the octane level by as much as 60 pts or 6 Ron


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