Ferodo DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid 0.5 Litre Bottle

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Ferodo DOT 5.1 brake fluid is particularly suitable for vehicles equipped with ABS braking systems because of the short cycle time required.

Also a natural choice for high performance and racing cars where the exceptionally high boiling point gives maximum resistance to vapour lock. It avoids the spongy brake pedal, air solubility and water incompatibility associated with silicone based DOT 5 fluids.

Ferodo DOT 5.1 brake fluid and clutch fluid is suitable for motor vehicles and motorcycles made in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA, that have been designed to use a synthetic fluid. It must not be used in some Citroen models or other vehicles which require a mineral based fluid such as FERODO LHM.

Extremely high 260 C boiling point, which makes DOT 5.1 brake fluid retain better than DOT 4 Ideal for ABS

Very low - 55 C freezing point

500ml container

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