MR2 GEN2 SW20 (1989 - 1999)

MR2 GEN2 SW20 (1989 - 1999)

Powerflex Toyota MR2 GEN2 SW20 (1989 - 1999) Poly Bushes. The special type of polyurethane Powerflex use is an advanced material which has unique properties. Their products have the ability to offer high performance without vibration or noise but with exceptionally long life.

In addition to their "standard" range of bushes, which they publish, they also manufacture many special components for original equipment car companies and also industrial applications.

Because of their manufacturing facility and wide experience with suspension components Powerflex can design and manufacture very quickly bushes and other parts, especially for your Toyota MR2 GEN2 SW20 (1989 - 1999) .


  • Check tie bar to see if it has a nut on the end. PFF76-301 is suitable for this type only. If any other style is fitted then we unfortunately cannot supply a bush to suit.
  • The rear lower engine mount front bush comes in 3 sizes. These are the internal diameters of the engine mounting bracket. Please check original for correct size.
  • PFR76-305 fits Rev 1&2 models 1989 to 1992 and uses a M14 bolt, for Rev 3 models 1993 to 2000 use PFR76-305-12 which uses an M12 bolt.