Goodridge Performance DOT 4 Brake Fluid 0.25 Litre Bottle

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Performance DOT 4:

Goodridge Performance Brake & Clutch fluid has been designed for fast road and track day use; compatible with DOT 3 & 4 Car and Motorcycle brake systems.

Dry boiling point: 269°C / 516°F (Fresh fluid)

Wet boiling point: 159°C / 318°F (Used fluid)

The Goodridge Performance fluid is specifically formulated for use by drivers and riders who are continually on and off the brakes, featuring a higher boiling point that an OEM fluid, designed for everyday road use. Used in conjunction with Goodridge Premium Performance Brake and Clutch Line products; Goodridge Performance Fluid offers the ultimate in braking performance.

Product certifications:

- US FMVSS 116 DOT 4

- DOT 3

- SAE J 1703

- SAE J 1704

- ISO 4925 (Classes 3 & 4)

Available in 250ml & 500ml.

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