Titanium T3 Turbo Shield

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Made from pulverised volcanic rock then strained into a fibre material, The Titanium T3 Turbo Shields can withstand direct heat up to 1800 F and 2500 F of radiant heat. This means retaining more heat in the turbine and less damaging underhood heat. The result is a cooler air intake temperature and a boost in horsepower!

Stronger and more durable than other turbo blankets or shields, Titanium Turbo Shields include a hi-temp rated silica insulation padding under the tight outer layer for extra added protection against extreme turbo-generated heat.
  • Anchoring hooks incorporated to secure shield
  • Custom fit for easy install
  • Ultimate thermal barrier reduces turbo lag
  • LR Technology to prolong lifespan of shield
  • Hi-Tech custom carbon firer look
  • Improved durability against abrasions, temperatures, and vibration
The Turbo Shield Fitting Kit Includes:
  • Shield, 2 x 15 ft roll of Titanium wrap, Two 14 stainless steel zip ties & 5 ft of fastening wire

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