Front Lower Wishbone Rear Bush [PFF1-812]

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These bushes are designed to fit genuine control arms. If non genuine arms are fitted and you find the stainless steel sleeve not to fit onto the wishbone, please contact us with dimensions of the wishbone pin as you will require modified sleeves. There can be an issue with the pin diameter for PFF1-812 sleeves on non-genuine arms. The genuine arms have a pin diameter of 20mm, the non genuine arms have a pin diameter of 21.3mm. If you have arms with 21.3mm pin for the 812 bush then please telephone and we will send you replacements. PFF1-812 kit also comes with different sized rings. Select the correct ring depending on the rear bracket fitted. Use smaller ring (802b) with the aluminium bracket and 802c with the pressed steel bracket. It is only possible to fit these bushes after removing the arms from the car. For arms fitted with the pressed steel rear bracket the rubber bush may need to be burned out using a blowtorch, then the bracket cleaned up to ensure a good surface. WE RECOMMEND THE USE OF LOCTITE 648 OR 848 TO SECURE CENTRE SLEEVE TO ARM


Poly Bush Kits
Vehicle Manufacturer Alfa Romeo
Vehicle Model 147 (2000-2010), 156 (1997-2007), GT (2003-2010)

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