Lifeline Classic 9 Hole Steering Wheel Boss (fits Mota Lita)

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Designed by Lifeline specifically for the classic car owner this quick release steering wheel boss deters the car thief and enables easy driver access for those tight cockpit situations.

Easy to remove by simply pulling the spring loaded collar towards you, the steering wheel can be removed from the car whenever leaving the car unattended.

Data Sheet - Quick Release Steering Boss

The Lifeline Quick Release Steering Boss is CNC manufactured using aircraft quality aluminium hard anodised for strength and durability. Both male and female splines are precision gear cut incorporating a master spline for accurate alignment. The Lifeline Quick Release Steering Boss is available in three different formats:

Formula Car – 3 x 50.8 PCD

Touring Car – 6 x 70mm PCD steering wheel fitment e.g. Sparco

Group N/Tuning – allows you to use the quick release mechanism in conjunction with any aftermarket steering wheel boss that has a 6 x 70mm PCD steering wheel fitment e.g. Sparco

Lifeline steering quick release bosses are also available with a pre-wired 8 way electrical connector to allow the use of steering wheel mounted instruments or switch gear (see separate data sheet).

Lifeline can manufacture bespoke steering wheel quick releases to suit the requirements of any constructor including different diameter splines, shafts and whole steering column assemblies.

Diameter of standard weld-in male spigot is 20mm,  other customer sizes also available. Lifeline Quick Release Bosses are anodised gold to meet FIA requirements except for the Tuning option in black for road car use only.

For technical specifications please click the link below for more details

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