Cool-It Plug Wire Sleeves

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Cool-It Plug Wire Sleeves are a unique spark plug and ignition wire protector that comes in four sporty colors; red, blue, black and natural. These dual-purpose sleeves enhance performance, reduce misfires, extend plug wire life and will not react with petroleum products.

The double-wall construction keeps the wire and boot cooler in a high-temperature engine. Its universal size fits most boots, is easy to install and - most important - is non-flammable. Cool-It Plug Wire Sleeves can be used in any high-temperature environment from street vehicles to motor homes. Sleeves are available in packs of 4 & 6.

The Sleeves can withstand 750º F of conductive heat. The material is non-flammable and fits virtually all plug boots.

6" in length: Diameters starting at the bottom: 9/16" and flares out to 1 1/4"

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