Cell Saver - Battery Insulation Kit

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The DEI Cell Saver - Battery Insulation Kit is essential as batteries are very susceptible to heat and vibration that could cause premature failure and hazardous leaks. Cell Saver is very capable of damping vibration and will absorb and neutralise any damaging leaky battery acids. Cell Saver is easy to install and excess material can be trimmed to accommodate batteries of most sizes and shapes.

  • Protects batteries from harmful radiant heat
  • Material withstands up to 2000°F radiant heat
  • Traps and neutralises harmful battery acid
  • Protects environment and your vehicle
  • Completely safe to handle before and during installation
  • Provides clean finished look with easy installation
Kit Includes:
40œ long x 7œ insulation material
12 x 7 treated base mat
Edge sealing tape

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