Freelander (1997 - 2006)

Freelander (1997 - 2006)

The Powerflex Poly Bushes for Land Rover Freelander. The special type of polyurethane Powerflex use is an advanced material which has unique properties. Their products have the ability to offer high performance without vibration or noise but with exceptionally long life.

In addition to their "standard" range of bushes, which they publish, they also manufacture many special components for original equipment car companies and also industrial applications.

Because of their manufacturing facility and wide experience with suspension components Powerflex can design and manufacture very quickly bushes and other parts, especially for your Land Rover Freelander.


OE Part Numbers
1. PFR32-203-21 = RGX000010
5. PFR32-205 = RGX101000
6. PFR32-206 = RGX101010
7. PFR32-207 = RGX101440
8. PFR32-208 = RGX101020

Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 21mm [PFF32-203-21]
OE Part Number RGX000010 ..
OE Part Number RGX000010 .....
£35.88 Ex Tax: £29.90
Front Wishbone Front Bush [PFF32-201]
£50.28 Ex Tax: £41.90
Front Wishbone Rear Bush [PFF32-202]
£85.08 Ex Tax: £70.90
Rear Trailing Link Arm to Chassis [PFR32-205]
OE Part Number RGX101000 ..
OE Part Number RGX101000 .....
£50.28 Ex Tax: £41.90
Rear Trailing Link Arm To Hub [PFR32-206]
OE Part Number RGX101010 ..
OE Part Number RGX101010 .....
£50.28 Ex Tax: £41.90
Rear Transverse Link Arm Bush [PFR32-208]
OE Part Number RGX101020 ..
OE Part Number RGX101020 .....
£150.84 Ex Tax: £125.70
Rear Transverse Link Arm Inner Bush [PFR32-207]
OE Part Number RGX101440 ..
OE Part Number RGX101440 .....
£44.28 Ex Tax: £36.90
PowerAlign Camber Bolt Kit (14mm)  [PFA100-14]
Kit contains 2 camber bolts, tab washers and nuts. Camber adjusting bolt to replace the original 14mm bolt. Why not add our Magnetic Camber Gauge to your tool kit so that you can make pit garage adju..
Kit contains 2 camber bolts, tab washers and nuts. Camber adjusting...
£20.34 Ex Tax: £16.95
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