PowerAlign Camber Gauge [PFG-1001]

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Fitting Instructions:

1. To zero the gauge, use a spirit level, offer the gauge up to the vertical level and adjust the bubble to the zero point with the adjusting knob under the gauge.

2.With the vehicle on level ground, attach the gauge to the brake disc through an opening on the wheel with the scale facing upwards and read off the camber angle. Note: the gauge can be used with our range of PowerAlign Camber Adjusting Bolts.

3. To add camber, measure the original camber as above, and jack up the car with the steering locked in the straight ahead position.

4. Fit the camber gauge on the disc and zero the gauge.

5. Fit the camber adjusting bolt and adjust the bolt to the desired increase or decrease off the angle.

6. Drive the car to settle the suspension then re-check the camber angle whilst the car is on level ground. 


Poly Bush Kits
Vehicle Manufacturer PowerAlign
Vehicle Model Camber Gauge

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