PFF85-530 is an insert and designed to fill the voiding in the original mount. The stock transmission and upper engine mounts have always been a problem on these vehicles. The rubber perishes and splits, allowing for excessive engine movement. The answer until now has been to replace with new standard rubber mounts or fit expensive aftermarket mounts that are generally prone to excessive levels of NVH transmission. PFF85-530 is an intermediate solution from Powerflex.


Poly Bush Kits
Vehicle Manufacturer Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen
Vehicle Model A3 inc Quattro MK2 8P (2003-2012), RS3 MK2 8P (2011-2013), S3 MK2 8P (2006-2012), Altea 5P (2004-), Leon Mk2 1P (2005-2012), Toledo Mk3 5P (2004-2009), Octavia Mk2 1Z (2004-2012), Superb (2009-2010), Superb (2010 - 2015), Yeti 5L (2009 - 2017), Beetle A5 Multi-Link (2011 - ON), Beetle A5 Rear Beam (2011 - ON), Caddy Mk3 Typ 2K (2004 - 06/2010), Caddy Mk3.5 Typ 2K (06/2010 - ON), Golf MK5 1K, Golf Mk5 GTI & R32, Golf Plus 5M, Golf MK6 inc R 5K (2009-2012), Jetta Mk5 1K (2005-2010), Jetta MK6 A6 Multi-Link (2011 - ON), Jetta MK6 A6 Rear Beam (2011 - ON), Scirocco MK3 (2008 - 2017), Touran (2003-2015)

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