NF Ultra Race Fuel Concentrate - 1 Litre

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NF's flagship product offers a blend normally found only in high-end race fuels.  By adding NF Ultra Unleaded Race Fuel Concentrate to pump fuel, you are giving your vehicle a product that can out perform a lot of more expensive commercially available race fuels.  NF Ultra is a fully synthetic racing octane booster that not only raises octane more than its competitors, but also includes a power booster which increases the energy in the fuel, giving even better performance.

  • Instantly increases octane rating by up to 10 RON
  • 1 tin mixed with 60 ltrs of pump fuel increases octane by 6 RON
  • 1 tin mixed with 40 ltrs of pump fuel increases octane by 8 RON
  • 1 tin mixed with 20 ltrs of pump fuel increases octane by 10 RON
  • Power Booster increases energy in the fuel
  • Eliminates detonation / knocking / pinking / pinging
  • Increases acceleration and performance
  • Reduces hesitation and engine temperatures
  • Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters
  • Safe to use in every tank


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