Lifeline High Intensity LED Rain Light

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Developed for international and national Motorsport use the High Intensity Rear LED Rain Light unit is homologated for competition use by the MSA and FIA

Homologation Number MSA/RWL/36/14

To give the best visibility in the most extreme situations the High Intensity Rear LED Rain Light uses the latest surface mount LED technology which gives a great advantage in brightness whilst retaining all of its predecessor's attractive features. An additional flash feature has been introduced to ensure the products compliance with any regulations that may come in future.


Part number: LL421-100-005

Homologation No: MSA/RWL/36/14

Display: Light Emitting Diode

Number of LEDs: 11

Number of Circuits: 3

View Angle: +/- 20 deg

Light Output: 3269Cd Average

Operating Temperature: -25 to + 60 degC

Fixing: M6 Bolt

Dimensions: 62 c 100 x 21.5mm

Weight: 230g

Power Supply: External 9 to 14 Vdc

Power Consumption: 8.4W, 700mA @12v

Flash: 4Hz

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