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The Torco Engine Assembly and Break-In Kit is absolutely perfect for your engine rebuild. You get every lubricant and additive that your engine needs all in one kit. To start off, you get the best, specific engine break-in oil on the market . Torco's TBO SAE 30 or 40 weight oil is a high-detergent oil that "scrubs down" any contaminants left in new engines from the rebuild/production process. This assures good cleansing of freshly machined parts. This oil also provides a suitable hydrodynamic film for new bearing protection and is made to withstand viscosity break down in order to maintain proper separation of parts. Perfect for those motors being broken-in on the dyno. Next, the kit also comes with ZEP, Zinc Enhanced Engine Protector, which you will use on the next oil change after draining the TBO. The ZEP will give the next oil you use the extra lubricating properties it needs in the early stages of the engines life. With it's high zinc, moly and phosphorus content, the ZEP will protect all high stress and contact points inside your engine. The ZEP will also coat all engine parts and protect them from "dry starts". All in all, the ZEP is a friction fighting chemistry that adds wear protection back into your motor oil and raises the API levels of phosphorus and zinc to what they used to be, before the API lowered those levels years ago. Furthermore, the best engine assembly lubricants are included in the kit: Torco MPZ Engine Assembly Lube for the bottom-end, Torco Engine Assembly Lube HP, for the camshafts/rocker arm assembly and Torco MPZ spray lube, for the final spray down before the valve cover is placed atop your finished project.

This kit can be purchased with TBO Premium Break-In Oil in SAE30 or SAE40 weight

  • 1oz MPZ HP Assy lube
  • 4oz Engine Assembly Lube
  • 5.5oz Spray Lube
  • 12oz ZEP
  • 5 Litres TBO Break-in oil

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