Goodridge Buildaline 90º Side Bend Banjo Adaptor 10mm Hole SBK599S-03C

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  • Product Code: SBK599S-03C


  • Goodridge Buildaline components can be used to construct any brake or clutch line. Simply select the line length you require in Clear finish and then select the end fittings of your choice along with any banjo bolts you need.
  • Fitting Goodridge hoses will improve braking performance and the feel of even the newest, as well as the oldest bike.
  • These kits not only provide the reliability and safety demanded, but also eliminate spongy lever feel and improve the appearance of your motorcycle.
  • These hoses offer great performance and looks that last thanks to clear plastic covers over the Stainless Steel braiding. Braided hoses are a great performance modification, you really can feel the difference through the brake lever every time you brake. 

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